What is this Program?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full
contact combat sport that allows a wide
variety of fighting techniques and
skills, from a mixture of martial arts
traditions and non-traditions, to be
used in competitions. The rules allow
the use of both striking as well as
grappling techniques, both while
standing and on the ground. Such
competitions allow martial artists of
different backgrounds to compete, but
be prepared! This is definitely not a
course for everyone.
The techniques utilized in mixed
martial arts competition generally fall
into two categories: striking techniques
such as kicks, knees and punches and
grappling techniques such as clinch
holds, pinning holds, submission holds,
sweeps, take downs and throws.
The Program will consist of:

        Full Contact Karate
        Jiu-Jitsu / Judo
        Grappling/Submission wrestling


Equipment Requirements:

1.        Mouth guard
2.        T-shirt/ Rash guard
3.        MMA Shorts
4.        Protective cup
5.        MMA Training Gloves

Mixed Martial Arts